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The Minerva Wallet team is delighted to take this next step towards the strengthening of our network’s value and the growth of our community.

As many already know, $MIVA is the world’s first streamable SuperToken, thanks to the use of Superfluid protocol, a very innovative feat amid the Cryptospace. And the time has come to conduct a fair price discovery.‌

Starting on May 20th and lasting 5 days, the Gnosis Auction will run with 1,000,000 $MIVA SuperTokens for sale — which will become immediately available to every successful bidder once the auction ends.‌

Furthermore, all successful bidders will receive as…

We received a lot of feedback after this first article was published, and as a result, we realized it would be beneficial for everyone if the batch auction was better explained, given its novelty. Therefore, we decided to move the start of the auction to May 20th. Additionally, we changed the amount of auctioned $MIVA and airstreamed $MIVA to 1,000,000 each, as well as the previous reward of “50% bonus to the first 24h succesful bidders”, instead making it a reward via liquidity token once the farming is up and running. The minimum price will be set shortly before the…

We received a lot of feedback after the first article was published, and as a result, we realized it would be beneficial for everyone if the batch auction was better explained, given its novelty and expected unfamiliarity. Therefore, we decided to move the start of the auction to May 20th and prepare an AMA session. On top of that, we’re also changing some details of the auction (check here to know more). The MIVA Lottery got moved as well by a couple of days. This remains the original article, featuring only the previously set dates.


Winds of change are sweeping right over, and we want to situate everyone in the wider context. Our sense of community is strong as ever — so bear with us while we walk (fly) you through this changes.

Let’s start by stating that our whole foundation is built on the OpenEthereum client. Now, as many might have seen in the recent news, all the commotion raised by the Berlin hardfork has left us, users, dealing with some performance issues. It makes one wonder… Is that client a possible ticking time bomb? Is it really our best choice?‌

We have decided…

One token to rule them all.‌

Well… Maybe not literally. It isn’t so much interested in ruling over anything, as it is into building a community and sharing — as you will see.

It still rules, though. And everyone wants a piece… Eh, no, scratch that. Actually, a fraction.‌

You know what’s so great about NFT’s? What makes everyone go crazy about them? Exclusivity. It’s that one in a million, one in that ever loud and riotously noisy cacophony of a market kind of thing.‌

What about our traditional tokens? Well, we are all comfortably familiar with them and we know exactly what they are and…

Mesdames et Messieurs, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure, that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as the Lab10 proudly presents… Your digital wallet for self-sovereign identities and money!

Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test.
Check the moon above our nest, cherie. And we’ll provide the rest!

We are beyond excited — as you can see — to be launching the Minerva Wallet App on the Google PlayStore. You’re probably already familiar with it, right?

User friendly, and open-source. Why, we…

“Hoo-hoot. Hoo-Hoot.”
“Is that a plane?!”

What? No, it’s an owl! How can you mistake one for another? Do you need glasses? Better go get them cause the show is just starting.

Delivered to you in one of the most fun and original ways (come on, an owl!), Minerva Wallet will be dropping (streaming!) 1,000,000 MIVA SuperTokens over 10 days, and smart advice; you wouldn’t wanna miss it.


  • Minerva Wallet is airdropping 1 million MIVA tokens;
    (yup, we’re just as excited as you are!)
  • To participate in the airdrop, you must support Minerva Wallet over time;(we want a relationship…

We are excited to announce a partnership between Superfluid and Minerva Wallet by lab10 collective! We believe it will be a strong milestone in making streamable tokens available for the mainstream and day-to-day use, allowing everyone to leverage the power of SuperTokens.

Financial operations like subscriptions, salaries, rewards, and any composable stream of value usually require many repetitive and expensive transactions to be processed on-chain. Enter Superfluid Protocol, an Ethereum based framework that enables programmable money 2.0. By publishing a single transaction, a user could agree to transfer 10 DAI per month in a constant stream. …

We are thrilled to announce that we have decided to support the xDai Stable Chain as its 10th validator and were voted by the existing validators through on-chain governance to join the network.

The xDai Stable Chain

The xDai Stable Chain has been initiated by our friends at POA Network. It is an Ethereum sidechain with bridged Dai serving as a native token to the xDai Stable Chain. Dai’s can be transferred seamlessly between the two chains. In contrast to Ethereum, the xDai Stable Chain is specifically designed to support fast transactions (the xDai Stable Chain has a block times of 5/sec) and low…

Let’s face it; there is a lot of hype and buzz around blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Most of it is driven by speculation while real life use cases are still very clumsy at least. However, it is also safe to say that due to the superiority of open, public, trustless blockchain systems compared to today’s siloed financial system, the migration of global assets over to decentralized permissionless blockchains is inevitable.

Therefore, at lab10 collective we believe we should better start educating students rather sooner than later and instead of purely focusing on theory, we think that real life interactive…

lab10 collective

Let’s co-create a zero-carbon society.

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