Cute and clever owl, a.k.a. Minerva Wallet, is airstreaming 1,000,000 MIVA SuperTokens over 10 days.

  • Minerva Wallet is airdropping 1 million MIVA tokens;
    (yup, we’re just as excited as you are!)
  • To participate in the airdrop, you must support Minerva Wallet over time;(we want a relationship, not just a fling!)
  • The more you support and engage with the Minerva Wallet ecosystem
    = The more we like you = Oh yeah and the more MIVA tokens you get;
  • MIVA Tokens will be streamed continuously to your account on xDai Chain; (more comfy, impossible, right?)
  • Our tokens use the Superfluid framework that allows said streaming;
    (this means we’re wild!)
  • The number of streamed MIVA Tokens depends on your Level;
    (engaging is actually rewarded)
  • The airstreaming campaign starts on 26th March 2021 and ends 10 days later;
    (believe it, our owl is amazingly fast)
  • Until the 2nd snapshot before Level 3 is revealed, newcomers still can join and will be included in the MIVA airstream;
    (late to the party, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun)
  • Everyone who already engaged on Twitter till 18th March 2021 will be rewarded with a special Minerva Wallet Launch NFT;
    (yeah, we love NFTs)
  • Test the Minerva Wallet app on many devices;
  • Find bugs which are hidden to us so far (bugs are so tiny and slippery, aren’t they);
  • Improve usability for core functionalities;
  • Get started with a future self-sustaining revenue model connected to MIVA tokens;
  • Establish an efficient support channel (we really care about you, after all);
  • Improve our documentation (ha-ha, we know you all love to read it…);
  • Gather ideas and feature requests from the community (you!).
  • Referral campaigns (we’re all in this together ♪ );
  • Completing tasks and promo actions;
  • Premium features access (this means you’re a VIP, hotshot);
  • Special recovery service;
  • Discounts on swaps;
  • Discounts on crypto purchases (can it get any better?);
  • Transaction fee payment (ohmyGod, it just did!);
  • Prioritized personal support;
  • Feature voting rights (this is decentralized, after all);



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