Cute and clever owl, a.k.a. Minerva Wallet, is airstreaming 1,000,000 MIVA SuperTokens over 10 days.

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5 min readMar 23, 2021

“Hoo-hoot. Hoo-Hoot.”
“Is that a plane?!”

What? No, it’s an owl! How can you mistake one for another? Do you need glasses? Better go get them cause the show is just starting.

Delivered to you in one of the most fun and original ways (come on, an owl!), Minerva Wallet will be dropping (streaming!) 1,000,000 MIVA SuperTokens over 10 days, and smart advice; you wouldn’t wanna miss it.


  • Minerva Wallet is airdropping 1 million MIVA tokens;
    (yup, we’re just as excited as you are!)
  • To participate in the airdrop, you must support Minerva Wallet over time;(we want a relationship, not just a fling!)
  • The more you support and engage with the Minerva Wallet ecosystem
    = The more we like you = Oh yeah and the more MIVA tokens you get;
  • MIVA Tokens will be streamed continuously to your account on xDai Chain; (more comfy, impossible, right?)
  • Our tokens use the Superfluid framework that allows said streaming;
    (this means we’re wild!)
  • The number of streamed MIVA Tokens depends on your Level;
    (engaging is actually rewarded)
  • The airstreaming campaign starts on 26th March 2021 and ends 10 days later;
    (believe it, our owl is amazingly fast)
  • Until the 2nd snapshot before Level 3 is revealed, newcomers still can join and will be included in the MIVA airstream;
    (late to the party, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun)
  • Everyone who already engaged on Twitter till 18th March 2021 will be rewarded with a special Minerva Wallet Launch NFT;
    (yeah, we love NFTs)

But why?

Well, this is first and foremost a reward to our dear early adopters. It’s our way of saying to you “thanks, you’re awesome”. But we also want to achieve a few things before we start on-boarding average users in big numbers:

  • Test the Minerva Wallet app on many devices;
  • Find bugs which are hidden to us so far (bugs are so tiny and slippery, aren’t they);
  • Improve usability for core functionalities;
  • Get started with a future self-sustaining revenue model connected to MIVA tokens;
  • Establish an efficient support channel (we really care about you, after all);
  • Improve our documentation (ha-ha, we know you all love to read it…);
  • Gather ideas and feature requests from the community (you!).

How do we intend to do this streamed airdrop? (How is this gonna go?)

Figuratively, our owl mascot will fly above your chimney and drop it there. Be sure to check it. But truthfully speaking, there will be a continuous stream of MIVA SuperTokens going to all recipients.

1,000,000 / 10d = 100,000 MIVA tokens per day
100,000 / 24h = 4,167 MIVA tokens per hour
4,167 / 3600s = 1.16 MIVA tokens per second

Now, this is important!
The stream of MIVA SuperTokens is individual and depends on the Level you’ve reached.
And here they are:

Level 0 — Snapshot: 18th March 2021 by 09:00 CET
Available to any address provided until 18th March on Twitter, for any blockchain network. These are eligible to receive a very special Minerva Wallet Launch NFT on the xDai Chain. It’s a NFT that will get later use (you know, like wine — it gets better later!).

Level 1 — Snapshot: 25th March 2021 by 18:00 CET
Everyone who provided an xDai Chain address on Twitter, below the corresponding Tweet.

Level 2–1st Snapshot: 25th March 2021 by 18:00 CET
& 2nd Snapshot: before Level 3 is revealed
Everyone who unlocked Level 1 (preferably you put your address into the quoted “Airstreaming 1,000,000 $MIVA SuperToken” Tweet)
+ Follows Minerva Wallet’s Twitter account
+ Quotes our “Airstreaming 1,000,000 $MIVA SuperToken” tweet (pinned on Twitter) & Tagged 2 friends (cause sharing is caring) & provided an xDai Chain address.

Here’s where the fun really begins: The airstreaming starts on the 26th March.
A few days later, on the 30th, Level 3 will be launched.
With this new level debut, the streaming flow will shift.
So keep up with our updates!

Level 3 — Planned Start on: 30th March 2021
Details of this Level will be disclosed about 3 days after the MIVA SuperToken Airstream has been started to the initial addresses. (Stay tuned!)

What can I do with the MIVA token?

Here’s a list of very nice things we might be doing with the MIVA token:

  • Referral campaigns (we’re all in this together ♪ );
  • Completing tasks and promo actions;
  • Premium features access (this means you’re a VIP, hotshot);
  • Special recovery service;
  • Discounts on swaps;
  • Discounts on crypto purchases (can it get any better?);
  • Transaction fee payment (ohmyGod, it just did!);
  • Prioritized personal support;
  • Feature voting rights (this is decentralized, after all);

“Very cool, but what makes it so darn special?!”

Aside from having the cutest mascot, you mean?
Our SuperTokens aren’t just a neat new name for standard Tokens.

SuperTokens are a very (very) new and unique technology. You know that “new car smell” that people love? Yeah, the same applies here! You can practically bask in its new technology smell.

To put it simply: These SuperTokens flow from one account to another — continuously, simultaneously and automatically. You can transfer (stream!) your tokens as you receive it. All this is possible due to Superfluid Protocol, a framework that has been paving the way for novelty and modernization.

That’s why we say it is…Revolutionary! Innovative!

So you see, there are literally no downsides.
Come over and watch the cute little purple owl deliver these can-be-yours MIVA Tokens.

If you don’t have the Minerva Wallet installed yet (I don’t know why), simply follow the link (Google Play Store listing soon).
It’s a good idea to join us on Telegram, in case you feel like talking to us (you’re welcome anytime)!
Our Twitter is the best channel to keep track of our updates, but in order to be notified, you need to follow us and enable the A-L-E-R-T (don’t worry, owls aren’t known to be much noisy).
And lastly, you will also find us on Github, at the “cool kids” table (come sit with us)!

Join our owlish community!

Big eyes, fun and wisdom — the whole package.