Jarvis Network and Minerva Wallet raise the bar with liquid multi-chain stablecoins!

lab10 collective
3 min readMar 1, 2022


A new partnership surges on the horizon and it comes with a lot of excitement from both sides, who are thrilled to announce a Minerva Wallet and Jarvis Network collaboration!

This opens many doors for both communities; full jFIAT integration on all supported chains on the wallet, and every last bit of possibilities that comes with it — we’re talking liquidity pools, liquidity routers, credit lines and much more.

Minerva Wallet is a non-custodial wallet with many unique features, such as multi-network and multi-account, and many other innovative concepts. Thanks to this great partnership, it is now able to fully support all of jFiat tokens on Polygon, BSC and any other upcoming network (e.g. Gnosis Chain). Download it here, and check the website to read more about it.

Jarvis Network is a bundle of protocols on EVM-compatible chains that revolutionizes the space by bridging the gap between traditional assets and the DeFi world. It pionners an innovative way to issue and exchange over-collateralized synthetic fiat, called jFIATs. jFIATs are solving the chicken and egg problem of stablecoins: they are liquid and keep their peg, and are therefore usable, effectively bringing these traditional assets on-chain and giving them a multitude of use cases. Check it out for yourself!

Now users of the wallet can easily swap their tokens via the integrated ParaSwap dApp, and make the best use of the Beefy dApp integration to yield farm on Polygon! It’s fun as we’ve never seen before!

We believe this partnership will help bring even more people to the space, by making the user experience continually seamless and enjoyable — even with new and exciting surprises along the way. Both teams are experienced and have been in the space for quite some time, working hard for a wider DeFi adoption.

We are all very excited to be working together and hope our communities enjoy the new perks this partnership brings to all sides.

About Jarvis Network

Jarvis Network is a set of protocols and applications on EVM-compatible chains to bridge legacy and decentralized finance (DeFi). Its mission is to build an infrastructure layer that can be leveraged by anyone to develop use cases facilitating the adoption of DeFi, and to build applications to onboard the next billions of users. Its first protocol, Synthereum, pioneers an innovative and capital-efficient manner to issue and exchange synthetic fiat currencies called jFIATs, thanks to a fully on-chain Forex market. jFIATs are stablecoins designed to be usable: they keep their peg, are highly liquid, and are scalable.

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About Minerva Wallet
The Minerva Wallet is a non-custodial wallet built for all EVM networks, that uses WalletConnect to interoperate with hundreds of applications. Minerva provides users their own sovereignty and allows them to join the blockchain revolution by upholding the most pronounced properties: elimination of middlemen like banks and exchanges, identity providers and data aggregators, while ensuring very refined privacy-by-design. You can find more details on our channels.‌‌

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