Major Minerva Wallet update: Full NFT Integration

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4 min readFeb 15, 2022


Flying swiftly to you and landing gracefully on the Google Play Store, the v1.7.0 update is now already available and people can’t wait to try out the novelty it brings.

We believe in the value of NFTs — they brought so many new users into the space and expanded our reach into the mainstream media with amazing speed. Its use cases are endless; collectibles, art, music, games, financial assets and much more. Some even combine elements and become a multitude of use cases.

We have only started to tap into all the possibilities; and the Minerva Team wants a first-row seat for the show that is coming. Naturally, we took the steps necessary to start supporting the cause and to provide our users the joy this experience brings.

So far, every existing ERC20 token linked to each account was automatically detected and displayed on the wallet — now, this feature extends to all NFTs.

Yes, all formats, precisely: .jpg, .png, .svg, .gif, .apng, .mp4, .webm, .mp3, .wav, .ogg, etc… You name it — we cover it. Be it an ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155 token, they’re all fully supported.

This was no small feat, but after a lot of effort, we can now proudly say we are at the cutting edge of this type of innovation. Basically everything that is out there, you can have on your own Minerva Wallet!

That’s… A whole lot! We know collectibles are fun, but they also need some smart design in order to not get lost. To make navigation matters easy, the NFTs are nicely arranged into collections, which are sorted by their minting source. Users have a very clean but sophisticated visual of their beloved assets.

Regardless of where they came from — Ethereum, Gnosis Chain, Polygon, BSC, ARTIS or POA — all are welcome to stay and make themselves at home.

No matter if Uniswap V3 NFTs, NFBeez or MIVA FP-NFTs, Minerva Wallet shows them all.

Apart from the main course, the update also brings a number of side dishes: More dApps than you can imagine — why don’t you dare yourself to discover them all? And to aid you on such a challenge, be aware that now you can bookmark them as your favorites!

Lastly, keeping up with the changes of the world, xDai Chain has been renamed to Gnosis Chain.

To ease you all into this amazing NFT era, we suggest the following:

  • In case you’re new to the space, we recommend you use a fresh Secret Recovery Phrase. Let your peers know your receiving address and you can simply start having fun by trading tokens or NFTs.
  • On the other hand, if you’re a crypto-veteran and would like to see tokens and NFTs you already possess, we recommend you import an existing Secret Recovery Phrase. Upon doing so, the Token Discovery will be triggered — and all your NFTs will be magically displayed on your mobile.

All there’s left to do now is run around showing all your friends your incredible NFT collection! That’s what we did, at least! 🦉

If you’re new to the Minerva Wallet and this is the first time you hear from us; check us out here! Navigating the app is easy-peasy even on the first try, due to its very intuitive interface. The setup is done in less than a minute (2 clicks) or five if you want to buy your first crypto via the integrated on-ramp service. We make it simple for you to get started.

Important: Please be safe and ensure you’re only downloading the Minerva Wallet app from the Google Play Store — follow the link on our website to access it.

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for new milestones coming in soon ~
See you and your NFT collection around!

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About Minerva Wallet

The Minerva Wallet has been developed since August 2019 by a very dedicated team and has been growing each passing day, becoming more popular and the most reliable choice for a crypto wallet that supports major EVM chains in the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s built from the ground up with comfort and simplicity in mind, and aims to provide users the possibility of accessing and interacting with all DApps out there, as long as they support WalletConnect. Nevertheless, the most commonly used DApps are already integrated to the Services screen.

The automated Token Discovery works for ERC20 just as well as for all sorts of NFTs. On top of that, there is also a section to handle identities — and since the blockchain space is constantly evolving, it’s very likely we will see a separation of “Login” and “Connect Wallet”. The Minerva Wallet has its own native token called MIVA, which is streamable in real-time and can be farmed in the Minerva Streaming farms.