Major Minerva Wallet update: Full NFT Integration

No matter if Uniswap V3 NFTs, NFBeez or MIVA FP-NFTs, Minerva Wallet shows them all.
  • In case you’re new to the space, we recommend you use a fresh Secret Recovery Phrase. Let your peers know your receiving address and you can simply start having fun by trading tokens or NFTs.
  • On the other hand, if you’re a crypto-veteran and would like to see tokens and NFTs you already possess, we recommend you import an existing Secret Recovery Phrase. Upon doing so, the Token Discovery will be triggered — and all your NFTs will be magically displayed on your mobile.

About Minerva Wallet

The Minerva Wallet has been developed since August 2019 by a very dedicated team and has been growing each passing day, becoming more popular and the most reliable choice for a crypto wallet that supports major EVM chains in the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s built from the ground up with comfort and simplicity in mind, and aims to provide users the possibility of accessing and interacting with all DApps out there, as long as they support WalletConnect. Nevertheless, the most commonly used DApps are already integrated to the Services screen.



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