Minerva Wallet and Mt Pelerin streamline your crypto trading to the next level!

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3 min readApr 8, 2022


We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Mt Pelerin and Minerva Wallet!

Both companies cultivate a passion for pursuing the freedom and inclusivity offered by the space and blockchain technology. They both work for all the possibilities cryptocurrencies can lead us to and the new finance systems that might flourish with them.

Mt Pelerin is a Swiss blockchain fintech company, whose goal is to provide a range of crypto services in a more accessible, inclusive and transparent manner. They offer comprehensive financial services bridging traditional finance with the crypto world including — buying, selling, tokenization, etc.- and are rooted within the values of the space. Read more about them here!

Minerva Wallet is a non-custodial wallet, with innovative features such as multi-network and multi-account, that fully supports NFTs and WalletConnect. Know more about the project here!

Now, users of Minerva have easy access to the Mt Pelerin DApp through the wallet. With it, they can now easily buy multiple crypto assets by bank transfer or by card and receive funds directly on multiple chains, and cash out funds from those networks as well directly onto their bank account around the world With this collaboration, users can access this service within the secure environment both products offer together, and are able to enjoy the smooth UX from the fiat off-ramp feature this partnership brings along.

We are all very excited about this cooperation and believe users from both sides will greatly enjoy their product’s ever expanding use-case. Both teams share the same values and are committed to a more open economy, where users keep the power in their own hands.

We hope old and new users benefit from this partnership and that, consequently, we can make the space more welcoming to new folks by making their experience more pleasant.

About Mt Pelerin

Mt Pelerin is a financial intermediary and very skilled team of entrepreneurs working on the creation of a new kind of financial institution in Geneva, Switzerland. Being specialists of the application of blockchain to finance, they use this new technology at the core of this project to create an ecosystem that will propel the new era of financial digitalization that blockchain makes possible. They want to create favorable conditions to make the financial industry as a whole progress, while giving its customers the keys to their own financial empowerment.

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About Minerva Wallet
The Minerva Wallet is a non-custodial wallet built for all EVM networks, that uses WalletConnect to interoperate with hundreds of applications. Minerva provides users their own sovereignty and allows them to join the blockchain revolution by upholding the most pronounced properties: elimination of middlemen like banks and exchanges, identity providers and data aggregators, while ensuring very refined privacy-by-design. You can find more details on our channels.‌‌

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