Minerva Wallet Integrates and Partners with Superfluid

lab10 collective
3 min readMar 22, 2021


We are excited to announce a partnership between Superfluid and Minerva Wallet by lab10 collective! We believe it will be a strong milestone in making streamable tokens available for the mainstream and day-to-day use, allowing everyone to leverage the power of SuperTokens.

Financial operations like subscriptions, salaries, rewards, and any composable stream of value usually require many repetitive and expensive transactions to be processed on-chain. Enter Superfluid Protocol, an Ethereum based framework that enables programmable money 2.0. By publishing a single transaction, a user could agree to transfer 10 DAI per month in a constant stream. With every second, a tiny amount of DAI will flow between the two wallets, without any need for gas or any further transactions by either the sender or the receiver.

Minerva Wallet is developed by the lab10 collective, an experienced team who have always been experimenting and innovating the money streaming avenue. In 2019 lab10 broke new uncharted territory by streaming DAI (sDAI) on the ARTIS blockchain as a means of payment for an automated EV charging system. This original solution used a modified version of the TokenBridge (POA Network) and the ERC-2100 Streaming Token Standard.

Over the last two years, Minerva Wallet has evolved into a full scale Ethereum wallet, supporting many Ethereum compatible networks. With the recently added support for WalletConnect, Minerva Wallet can now connect to various existing DeFi applications — including the ones which will soon be developed specifically for SuperTokens.

We believe this partnership will accelerate the adoption of SuperTokens and bring this exciting new technology into the hands of many more crypto enthusiasts. The MIVA SuperToken — the Minerva Wallets’ own utility token — is the first native SuperToken on xDai network built on the Superfluid Protocol.

We are also planning to launch the first “Airstream”: Not your regular Airdrop, but a first of its kind, continuous stream of MIVA SuperTokens, right into our users’ wallets.

“We are extremely excited to see Minerva launching the first native SuperToken on xDai chain and innovating airdrops by airstreaming MIVA tokens to their users. This seems just a small step of a long term partnership we are very much looking forward to!” — Francesco Renzi, Superfluid Co-founder & CEO

“The Superfluid Protocol has reignited our ambition to make streaming money in crypto and in real-world use cases accessible to everyone. The Superfluid team has done an excellent job of very elegantly solving some of the challenges with this novel technology. As a result, we look forward to delivering the first native wallet integration for SuperTokens in Minerva Wallet.” — Thomas Zeinzinger, lab10 collective Head of the Board

About Superfluid

Superfluid is a new DeFi primitive that automates recurring transactions, the protocol introduces a series of building blocks for web3 developers to enable real-time finance. Superfluid smart contract framework unlocks idle capital by enabling users to move assets on-chain and apply predefined rules called “agreements” to asset transfers. Superfluid only requires one on-chain transaction to open, edit or close a subscription, greatly decreasing the cognitive and administrative efforts that would have been involved for other types of recurring payments. Follow them and read the docs for more!

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About lab10 collective

lab10 collective is dedicated to co-create a zero-carbon society, utilizing the most efficient and sustainable blockchain solutions available. While DeFi markets have surged during the last year, the energy and mobility sector is still about to be disrupted by highly composable financial and data driven markets. The integration of IoT devices will be a key driver of markets running on the soon launching ARTIS 2.0 blockchain, a purpose-built decentralized network for real-world use cases. While the Minerva Wallet is built for all Ethereum networks using WalletConnect to interoperate with hundreds of applications, including the ones specifically built to tackle climate change. You can find more details on our channels.

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