Minerva Wallet partners with Eporio for a farming NFT marketplace

lab10 collective
3 min readJun 11, 2021

Ladies, gentlemen, greeks and owls alike, we are thrilled to announce the partnership between Eporio and Minerva Wallet by lab10 collective!‌

Last year, when the market started to get more and more traction, the world was surprised to learn that digital art could be sold for thousands, and sometimes millions, of US Dollars. Insiders had already seen it coming in 2018 — it just took a little while longer than predicted!

Both parts — Minerva Wallet and Eporio — believe Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are here to stay. And, surprisingly, as if the art aspect wasn’t already good enough, they can also be utilized for DeFi!

Uniswap V3 was the first one to improve their protocol, by using “Liquidity Positions” in the form of NFTs. These NFTs can be traded on the OpenSea platform or even act as collateral for upcoming lending protocols.

The Minerva Wallet team has already introduced the streamable native MIVA SuperToken, and now they came up with the very next generation of farms — the Minerva Streaming Farms. How so? Well, these farms will provide an NFT that comes with a MIVA stream attached, as a reward, after the user has deposited some of the LP-Tokens received from filling a liquidity pool on Honeyswap DEX.

As a side note, we emphasize how much of an asset is the Superfluid Protocol on the energy-efficient, fast and inexpensive xDai Chain for enabling the stream of value into both new NFTs and Farming grounds, hitting yet another milestone!

Eporio will provide a marketplace for these streaming “Farm Position” NFTs (FP-NFTs, for short), making them completely tradeable and visible to users.

Trading these FP-NFTs is an important maneuver because they become more valuable over time with increasing APR (Annual Percentage Rate); hence, in the future, there will be less incentive to stop farming and destroy FP-NFTs. They will rather become a trading artifact, with also the potential to be used as collateral for lending.

Both teams look forward to supporting each other. Together, we will bring this exciting type of NFTs to the markets and show what can be done in this new world of DeFi.

“It is a pleasure to work with Eporio on this new financial NFT asset, providing properties that are only possible on blockchains. Streaming is our passion and being the innovation leader in cooperation with Superfluid makes me especially proud.” — Thomas Zeinzinger, lab10 collective Head of the Board

“When I started Eporio, I thought about a place where everyone could easily and affordably show and trade all sorts of creations, like a flea market for tokens. MIVA is a great example of how it is possible to combine DeFi and NFTs, I am really happy to welcome it to the platform and support the team through this and future collaborations.” Alessandro Stea, Eporio Founder.

About Eporio

Eporio is a marketplace for NFT tokens with the aim to lower the costs for both creators and collectors. For all the crypto enthusiasts and for all the crypto newcomers, Eporio is the cheaper NFT marketplace where artists, gamers and collectors can trade their NFT for a fraction of the price. A very distinct quality worth pointing out is that Eporio supports a more sustainable and ecological approach to the NFT market. By choosing to operate on the xDai Chain, which uses the Proof of Stake consensus method instead of Proof of Work, Eporio offers not only cheaper fees, but also a much more green and eco-friendly option.

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About lab10 collective

lab10 collective is dedicated to co-create a zero-carbon society, using the most efficient and sustainable blockchain solutions available. The Minerva Wallet is built for all EVM networks using WalletConnect to interoperate with hundreds of applications and is an important puzzle piece of the currently built infrastructure. Beside the wallet and the integration of DeFi markets, the team works intensively on projects in the energy and mobility sector, where highly composable financial and data driven markets are expected. As a foundation, the ARTIS 2.0 blockchain is outlined; a purpose-built decentralized network for real-world use cases. You can find more details on our channels.‌‌

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