MIVA auction arrives first; ARTIS awaits for another moment

lab10 collective
3 min readApr 29, 2021

Winds of change are sweeping right over, and we want to situate everyone in the wider context. Our sense of community is strong as ever — so bear with us while we walk (fly) you through this changes.

Let’s start by stating that our whole foundation is built on the OpenEthereum client. Now, as many might have seen in the recent news, all the commotion raised by the Berlin hardfork has left us, users, dealing with some performance issues. It makes one wonder… Is that client a possible ticking time bomb? Is it really our best choice?‌

We have decided, therefore, not to conduct a Gnosis Auction for xATS on the xDai Chain at the moment. (But fear not: Instead, we will conduct one for the MIVA SuperToken!)

‌This doesn’t mean we gave up on starting the ARTIS ∑2 blockchain or working on a ZeroCarbon Society! Absolutely not. However, as long as the foundation isn’t perfectly set, to conduct a token sale is not a viable option.‌

Those who follow us closely already know we have always been a big fan of the Parity client, which was handed over to Gnosis in early 2019 and renamed to OpenEthereum. Back then, it was entirely unclear if someone would step up and take the responsibility of such a massive codebase, specially when you consider that the original developers weren’t available anymore, even at the company Parity itself.‌

But it launched greatly! It got even further developed and the software was modernized, until the unfortunate appearance of some bugs that just couldn’t be found. Gnosis had then to revert one (1) year’s work and to continue developing from an old version, which at least solved the problem.‌

It all got back to look truly good, until the recent Berlin hardfork. The OpenEthereum client was once again in the spotlight, this time because of a bug that got fixed after one whole day, thanks to several devs that were already watchful of it and readily jumped in to help.‌

Moreover, if you followed the Honey Badger BFT integration process, you might have noticed we also had quite a handful of problems, which we diligently solved. But alas, they ended up reappearing in later versions. This doesn’t add up to the best signs of a good foundation.‌

Basically, if we need a network upgrade (hardfork) to stay compatible with Ethereum, we might, unintentionally, end up shutting the whole network down, and having to revert it to the old version (if possible).‌

That being so, we decided not to move forward with the ARTIS Auction. From our perspective, unless we regain confidence in OpenEthereum or find a better alternative to build on, it would be downright unethical to pretend everything is okay and receive money from you all at this point.‌

It should be noted that the Minerva Wallet is just as important to our vision, as it is the blockchain network itself. Thus, we’ll be currently concentrating our main work on it, while also looking for solutions and alternatives for the ARTIS network.‌

Perhaps OpenEthereum might conquer our heart back, or maybe we’ll find another client that matches our vision better? Regardless, when we do know it, we’ll be sure to let you all know.‌

Obviously, we hope to see you along the way! All these changes make for a whole lot of learning, and only sets our future on higher and brighter paths.‌

Stay tuned for more details about the MIVA Auction, soon. These new winds are sure to bring excitement!

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