NFT? No, even better: FRACTION

One token to rule them all.‌

Well… Maybe not literally. It isn’t so much interested in ruling over anything, as it is into building a community and sharing — as you will see.

It still rules, though. And everyone wants a piece… Eh, no, scratch that. Actually, a fraction.‌

You know what’s so great about NFT’s? What makes everyone go crazy about them? Exclusivity. It’s that one in a million, one in that ever loud and riotously noisy cacophony of a market kind of thing.‌

What about our traditional tokens? Well, we are all comfortably familiar with them and we know exactly what they are and how to use them… Which is already more than we can say for NFT’s.‌

What if I told you, we know of something from the best of both worlds?

One single token — fractionable into a quintillion little tiny pieces. One, and only one in the whole wide world. Exclusive, special, unique. And no one can ever have it all — only a piece, a part, nay — a fraction of it.

Yet, it still brings out that same coziness and familiarity, because you can have a part of it, your friend can have another, your best buddy can also have another… And you can all rejoice together at having your own FRACTION over a nice cold beer.‌

And to make it all the easier on you, the token will work straight out of the box on the Minerva Wallet (always bringing the world’s latest innovations closer to you).‌

Now as a worthy side note: The smallest amount one could possibly get is 0.000000000000000001 FRACTION. If this smallest amount ever becomes worth 1€, then the worth of the entire FRACTION Token would surpass the complete worldwide circulation of Euro by about a million times.‌

It sounds crazy but it isn’t. “Phenomenal” is the word you’re looking for. It’s a whole new thing, and to be a part of it, you should simply jump on the bandwagon while it’s passing in front of you (now).‌

As soon as we heard of FRACTION, we were blown away by it. We liked its ingeniousness. It will be part of the xDai Chain, alongside our MIVA Tokens, xATS, and others. All the more reason to check it out!‌

Speaking of, we sincerely hope you have already checked us out, too.‌

So, wanna join the club and keep being unique? Jump in.



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