Opening the curtains to the $MIVA Auction and Airstream (Updated)

Overview 🦉

Essential Details (the very juicy info)

Regarding the famous MIVA Airstream: All successful bidders will receive it.

MIVA Auction & MIVA Airstream.

The diagram below sets out the approach:

In the diagram above, every purple bid gets filled at the price of the lowest accepted bid (Final Price).

Gnosis Auction User Flow

1. The seller sets several parameters:

2. Once the auctions starts, the bidders get to start placing bids by setting the following parameters and submitting a transaction:

3. Once the auction concludes, the auctioneer submits a transaction, which will calculate the closing price. Closing price is calculated using the following method:‌

4. After the price is settled, the auctioneer will receive the proceeds of the auction, and the bidder will need to submit an additional transaction to claim the tokens bought (or the tokens used to bid with, in case the bid didn’t get filled).

‌Frequently Asked Questions?

Step-By-Step Instructions for participating in the Boson Protocol Community Distribution via Gnosis Auction.‌

Selecting Auctions‌

‌Connect Wallet

Bidding in an Auction

What is the Minerva Wallet

The $MIVA SuperToken 🌊



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