Our baby owl is growing up!

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3 min readOct 7, 2021


Has everybody read the news? It’s written all over the skies!

Trumpets and drums, on my signal! The ceremony is about to start — tonight we feast! Everyone is invited, and you — precious member of our community — are our guest of honor, for being with us from then to now. Come on, this is a joyful occasion, deserving of a big festive toast!

After all, our baby owl is growing up! And we couldn’t possibly be happier right now.

By that, we mean Minerva, which we have been working on since August 2019, is finally moving out of the Beta state and spreading its wings into new horizons — no more warnings of caution because of a test phase, we now are a fully-fledged production app. Yes, now you can rate us! This development has us sitting at the edges of our seats in the best of ways — we are eager to hear back from you!

We’ve worked really hard at improving our usability, from small features such as enabling hiding accounts and account name changes — that make a real difference in our personalization preferences — to some big ones like the wallet restore you can make from the most popular 3rd party wallets.

Not to mention the whole new set of features dedicated to DApp users, that helped us achieve a much broader functionality. To loop everyone in: You can now use a scanner to connect to any DApp on any network. Fancy, right? On top of that, you can also add and change accounts on-the-flight (pun intended) of the DApp connection, something brought to perfection by the network automatically changing to the one required by the DApp. The epitome of practicality!

We also focused a lot on security, given how serious we take this matter. We enabled security by biometric for Android 11, and WalletConnect sessions had substantial security upgrades, as well as stability and management enhancements. Among that, smaller but noticeable changes were also present, like the integration of token caching for faster balance updates, countless UI refinements, and bug fixes that improve your overall experience.

So far so good, and we celebrate our exit from the beta state with triumph! But we also enter this new league with vigor and lots of excitement in store. Soon to be supported: ERC-1559 and the talk of the town, NFTs! We’ll also have the superfluid protocol enabling streaming money, so Minerva won’t be the only thing flying about from here to there. And the one feature everyone could see coming: DApp integration!

To top all that, fresh out of the production-oven, now we also have a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) integration! What does that mean? It means direct purchase of BNB via Ramp.Network! Yeah, pretty cool indeed.

Oh, and our MIVA SuperToken is about to be launched on Polygon — no date yet, but soon enough! A very bright and vibrant outlook that we’ll continue to work hard to deliver to you all.

We’ve come a long way already — treasured partnerships, fantabulous streaming farms, the MIVA token being listed on 2 DEXs — so many novelties in so little time. It feels fair to say we are keeping up with the crypto space! But truly, they say the joy lies within the journey. And so far, we cannot deny that; every new leap brings us a new shape of glee.

As always, our users are the true reason behind every new accomplishment. Many of our upgrades made so far came from the voices of our community. We are extremely grateful to any feedback given, and we kindly ask you to keep them coming! Our channels are always open — we can fly higher and soar farther together.

A toast to us, and to new skies ahead!

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