Own a FRACTION Past/Present/Future

The FRACTION Token Project launch animation

Before the launch: The road to “Own a FRACTION”

  • You’d need someone who can mint the Token
  • You’d need someone to design the graphical stuff
  • You’d need someone to develop the website
  • You’d need someone to write the contents
  • You’d need someone to start the Liquidity Pool and provide the initial funds to fill it up
  • You’d need someone to get the Token in the official listing on Honeyswap
  • You’d need access to a Community
  • You’d need someone who coordinates everything and keeps the ‘greater picture’ in mind

After the launch: Token went live on xDaiChain/Honeyswap

Graphic representation / Screenshot of Honeyswap’s Price Chart for the FRACTION Token on April 22th when it hit it’s all time high at 461.025 $
All time high token price at 461k on April 22th, 2021
Screenshot: Top Token List on info.honeyswap.org on April 21th, 2021
At the top of the token list on info.honeyswap.org on April 21th, 2021

What’s next

Expanding the token to other Networks & Decentralized Exchanges

xDaiChain/Honeyswap — Polygon/Quickswap — BSC/Pancakeswap — Ethererum/Uniswap

Streaming Farms

Streaming Farms

NFT Collection

NFT Collection

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt


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Let’s co-create a zero-carbon society.

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Let’s co-create a zero-carbon society.

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