Own a FRACTION Past/Present/Future

The FRACTION Token Project launch animation

Before the launch: The road to “Own a FRACTION”

The idea of a crypto-token with total supply of only one is actually really old (especially in comparision to how time flows in the cryptospace). I think the first time we were talking about it was during one of the BlockchainHub Graz Meetups in 2016(ish). Of course back then there were no widely available decentralized exchanges (DEX), so it wouldn’t make much sense to deploy something like that (except for fun) since a CEX-Listing would’ve been too expensive. The idea lay low for quite some time, and since it’s not THAT of an original idea, other tokens with a total supply on 1 came&went (at least I do remember hearing of one from time to time) — but not a single one took off in a noticeable manner, afaik.

  • You’d need someone who can mint the Token
  • You’d need someone to design the graphical stuff
  • You’d need someone to develop the website
  • You’d need someone to write the contents
  • You’d need someone to start the Liquidity Pool and provide the initial funds to fill it up
  • You’d need someone to get the Token in the official listing on Honeyswap
  • You’d need access to a Community
  • You’d need someone who coordinates everything and keeps the ‘greater picture’ in mind

After the launch: Token went live on xDaiChain/Honeyswap

And oh boy, those next 48 hours were quite some experience ^^

Graphic representation / Screenshot of Honeyswap’s Price Chart for the FRACTION Token on April 22th when it hit it’s all time high at 461.025 $
All time high token price at 461k on April 22th, 2021
Screenshot: Top Token List on info.honeyswap.org on April 21th, 2021
At the top of the token list on info.honeyswap.org on April 21th, 2021

What’s next

I guess that’s the section you’re actually here for, right? :)

Expanding the token to other Networks & Decentralized Exchanges

The first rule of the FRACTION Token is you do not talk about the FRACTION Token… no wait. It’s that the total supply is 1. So simply deploying the same token on other Networks & DEX’s is. not. an. option. here.

xDaiChain/Honeyswap — Polygon/Quickswap — BSC/Pancakeswap — Ethererum/Uniswap

Streaming Farms

Providing enough liquidity is a challenge and Minerva took an innovative and new approach to this problem with their Minerva Streaming Farm.

Streaming Farms

NFT Collection

The basic idea is to generate an NFT-Collection where every part of the Token-Symbol (25 pieces) is a separate NFT that is only available once. The complete Collection would resemble the Logo/Token-Symbol as it is right now.

NFT Collection

Scavenger Hunt

Anyone read ‘Ready Player One’? :)
This is, most likely, the one thing that excites me the most and will also take the longest to set up. Hopefully, it will also take the longest until completed.

Scavenger Hunt


All of that will take some time, since it’s usually not only a few clicks and everything’s in place. After deploying something new, there also needs to be an adaption/overhaul of the current (fairly simple) website, new announcement graphics, time to communicate everthing and, of course, fixing things that go sideways on an “asap” approach all-the-fucking-time…

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