SNAFU and Minerva Wallet partnership come rocking the NFT boat

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3 min readMar 8, 2022


It was just a matter of time until both teams — SNAFU and Minerva Wallet — came together and announced a partnership; and now, it is here!

At this current day, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what an NFT is; they are hot, trendy and more in demand with each passing day. An essential part of this booming movement is the places which foster such amazing creations; places very much like SNAFU.

SNAFU is an NFT marketplace created by a group of very talented artists who came together with the desire of building out a home for all creations seeking new frontiers and coming to life in the crypto space.

Managed by an Artist Collective and a DAO of art collectors, SNAFU continues to grow and aggregate new users with its strong sense of authenticity and creating freedom; read more about their manifest here and check out their website here.

Such a passionate project deserves the best tools present in the space, and that is where Minerva Wallet comes sweeping in.

The Minerva Wallet is a unique non-custodial wallet; multi-network and multi-account with several other features that make it the “full package” and much more — to read all about it, check the website here and give it a go by downloading the app here.

Now that the wallet fully supports the SNAFU DApp, artists of all kinds — photographers, graphic designers, painters, programmers, musicians, etc. — will be able to enjoy the Minerva Wallet experience.

Users will be able to easily access the DApp and showcase their NFTs, sell a few, buy new ones, and trade to their heart’s content; all enveloped in a beautiful design, comfy navigation and amazing UX.

Both teams drive their own projects with the word ‘innovation’ etched on their hearts and have a knack for breaking paradigms; pushing forward ideas while inviting others to join in and collaborate with their own vision.

To say the least, both parties are excited to see what marvelous creations will come from this new partnership.


SNAFU is an Italian collective of artists composed of cyberpunks, painters, graphic designers, programmers, photographers, musicians, art lovers, who try to create a unique point of view regarding what can be conceived like Art in an era where everything is digital and unsubstantial. At the same time, we are driven by the desire of creating a new form of sustenance for emerging artists that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have brought. We navigate in the digital ocean in a stubborn and contrary direction, because we are pirates and we want to take everything we deserve.

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About Minerva Wallet
The Minerva Wallet is a non-custodial wallet built for all EVM networks, that uses WalletConnect to interoperate with hundreds of applications. Minerva provides users their own sovereignty and allows them to join the blockchain revolution by upholding the most pronounced properties: elimination of middlemen like banks and exchanges, identity providers and data aggregators, while ensuring very refined privacy-by-design. You can find more details on our channels.‌‌

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