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6 min readJun 11, 2021


“Farming” — or better yet, “yield farming”, has taken the crypto space by storm and got really popular among the DeFi community in the summer of 2020. Some even call it the “Prom Queen” of the Crpyto Spring Ball.‌

Liquidity on decentralized exchanges (such as Uniswap and Sushiswap) was rising fast when annual percentage yields (APY) on many farming options were in the 100+ % APY, and sometimes even in the 1000+ % APY range, popularized by Synthetix and Compound. If there is no compounding of rewards, then the yield is usually given as annual percentage rate (APR) or return on investment (ROI).

‌If you, by any chance, haven’t been thrown into the yield-farming-craze or have not heard of it yet, we strongly recommend some reading and video watching first, so you can understand the basic concept of it all. The space is developing fast as always, but here are some links that are just enough to get you started:

MIVA SuperToken‌

When we launched the streamable MIVA SuperToken via an Airstream (so, basically, a streamed version of an airdrop), we received a strikingly good response. Soon after that, it was traded on the Honeyswap DEX (xDai Chain). That combined with a massive interest and low liquidity drove the price almost up to $0.6/MIVA — despite only 0.1% of circulating supply!‌

At the time, there was no liquidity mining available to boost the two main MIVA pools and to reduce the slippage for trades. Thus nobody could buy or sell any amount greater than a few hundred USD without affecting the price, be it by rising or dropping it.‌

This is now about to change, as we further explore the possibilities of streaming money and introduce a new way of liquidity mining, called: Streaming Farms.

Back at the beginning, many new possibilites of “what to do with crypto tokens” were introduced, and in comparison, to stake it was bold and exciting… But all the much riskier of getting rekt or liquidated. As we see the cryptospace maturing, it becomes a little clearer what works and what doesn’t.

However, now we face a different problem: If one wants to maximize yield, the so called yield farming becomes a full time job!‌

If you love doing it, fine, perfect even. But if you don’t and have better things to do, you should definitely look for options that reward long-term investments.

That’s where the Minerva Streaming Farms come in!‌

Minerva Streaming Farms are built in a way that you don’t have to watch your portfolio all the time and rebalance it! It’s crystal clear from the start: You can earn more, the longer you continue to farm.‌

Let’s just say this is like a relaxed spa-version of yield farming.
(Stardew Valley, anyone?)

The three liquidity pools on Honeyswap DEX we will support through MIVA, as a streamed reward token, are: MIVA:xDAI, MIVA:HNY and FRACTION:MIVA. To everyone who has already participated in any previous airstream, this isn’t news — MIVA comes as a continuous stream right into your wallet. It’s all part of the magic.

Becoming a Farmer (in only 3 steps).‌

Being a part of the world’s first streaming farm ever is…
Actually quite simple, and requires 3 very simple steps:‌

  1. Provide liquidity for the MIVA:xDAI, MIVA:HNY or FRACTION:MIVA pool on Honeyswap.
  2. Move all (or some) of the received UNI V2 tokens into a Minerva Streaming Farm.
  3. Level-up the ‘LP-Token Farm Position’ and invest your MIVA rewards again to maximize your APY.

Level-Up Farm Position NFTs

Every new generated FP-NFT starts with Level 1. The owner can level it up over time and, with this, also increase the MIVA stream and its APR. If all rewards are reinvested, the APY yield is of course higher.

Without leveling it up, the NFT stays at the current level and the MIVA stream remains unchanged. For example: On Day 31th you realize that your NFT is still on Level 1. If you then level up the FP-NFT, it will reach Level 3 and the MIVA stream will be increased accordingly to reflect 50.8% APR.

Important: If you wanna earn maximum yield — take the MIVA you get and create new FP-NFTs as often as you like!

Trade Farm Position NFTs‌

Every interaction with a Minerva Streaming Farm will issue an FP-NFT, representing a certain value in that moment, which is then used to calculate the MIVA flow rate. The MIVA stream will always go to the current owner of the FP-NFT, meaning that if you buy or sell such an FP-NFT, the associated MIVA stream and the value connected to the LP token also change ownership.‌

Farm Position NFTs are standard ERC-721 token and can therefore be traded on every NFT marketplace on the xDai Chain, e.g. with our partner EPORIO.‌

The current owner can stop farming at any time and receive the LP token back from the farm. By doing that, the MIVA stream also stops. However, you should keep in mind that if an FP-NFT is then given back to the farm, it is ‘burned’ — and new generated FP-NFTs will always start on Level 1.

MIVA Farming Program: The WikiHow to do it.‌

  1. First, you need some MIVA:xDAI, MIVA:HNY or FRACTION:MIVA LP token in your wallet.
    * Provide liquidity to either of the three pools and you’ll get them.
    * If you don’t have MIVA yet, head over to Honeyswap DEX, fetch a little and then move it.
    * You can also check, if there is a Gnosis Auction currently offering MIVA at a good price.
  2. Go to the Minerva Streaming Farm DApp.
  3. Connect your wallet.
  4. Choose the amount of LP-tokens you want to put into one of the farms.
  5. Confirm the action in your wallet.‌

You will get a ‘Farm Position’ NFT (horray!), which represents the provided LP-tokens. And the icing on the cake: Right from the start, you will be receiving a MIVA stream directly to your wallet. Done! You’re a natural at this.‌

Just one last thing, here are some essential parameters you should be aware of:

A minimum of [old setting: 1,000,000] 2,000,000 MIVA will be reserved for that program and it will run for at least 2 years.

  • Streamed MIVA rewards are limited through a maximum flow rate, in order to assure the 2 years duration span. This means that, at some point, new participants might be no longer accepted into the program and receive no FP-NFTs.

What is the Minerva Wallet‌

Minerva is a digital wallet for moneys and self-sovereign identities. It allows you to maintain full control over your funds, credentials and data. Supporting a variety of networks and comporting a very stress-free and user-friendly interface, it aims to lift commons to eye level with all companies. Right now, we are eagerly improving our services bit by bit and moving ahead with each passing day.

‌We are also thrilled to see our community growing with every new step taken. Our mascot is an owl, a purple one, mind you, and the cutest in all of cryptospace. One might say we are biased, but so far, everyone has agreed to it!

The $MIVA SuperToken‌

The $MIVA SuperToken is a streamable utility token, the first of its kind, which breaks grounds for innovation and originality. Providing a wide range of benefits for Minerva Wallet users, its distribution relies heavily on user engagement and participation, nurturing a truly organic growth of the community.

Join our owlish community!
Big eyes, fun and wisdom — the whole package.‌