the secret farming project that is gonna change the world.

MIVA SuperToken‌

That’s where the Minerva Streaming Farms come in!‌

Becoming a Farmer (in only 3 steps).‌

  1. Provide liquidity for the MIVA:xDAI, MIVA:HNY or FRACTION:MIVA pool on Honeyswap.
  2. Move all (or some) of the received UNI V2 tokens into a Minerva Streaming Farm.
  3. Level-up the ‘LP-Token Farm Position’ and invest your MIVA rewards again to maximize your APY.

Level-Up Farm Position NFTs

Trade Farm Position NFTs‌

MIVA Farming Program: The WikiHow to do it.‌

  1. First, you need some MIVA:xDAI, MIVA:HNY or FRACTION:MIVA LP token in your wallet.
    * Provide liquidity to either of the three pools and you’ll get them.
    * If you don’t have MIVA yet, head over to Honeyswap DEX, fetch a little and then move it.
    * You can also check, if there is a Gnosis Auction currently offering MIVA at a good price.
  2. Go to the Minerva Streaming Farm DApp.
  3. Connect your wallet.
  4. Choose the amount of LP-tokens you want to put into one of the farms.
  5. Confirm the action in your wallet.‌
  • Streamed MIVA rewards are limited through a maximum flow rate, in order to assure the 2 years duration span. This means that, at some point, new participants might be no longer accepted into the program and receive no FP-NFTs.

What is the Minerva Wallet‌

The $MIVA SuperToken‌



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