the secret farming project that is gonna change the world (Part 2)

Minerva Streaming Farms: The architecture.‌

LP-Token Farm Architecture, e.g. MIVA:WXDAI with MIVA reward stream

…down the rabbit hole.‌

  • Transfer the given amount of LP-tokens from the staker to the streaming farm contract (in this case the amount is 800 tokens).
  • Determine the reference value of the stake denominated in MIVA: <reference value> = <stake LP amount> * <current amount of MIVA in the liquidity pool> / <current total supply of lp tokens>This is, in essence, the same formula as used by the Uniswap V2 protocol to determine the price of assets (source).
  • Mint a farm position NFT (FP-NFT) representing the position to the staker with the following immutable data associated:
  • Amount of LP-tokens staked;
  • Reference value;
  • Creation timestamp;
  • Open a reward stream to the staker, a.k.a. initial FP-NFT owner, with an initial flowrate corresponding to the Level 1 rewards (<reference value> * <reward coefficient>).‌
  • The reward stream stops;
  • The FP-NFT is burned;
  • The amount of LP-tokens deposited by the initial staker and represented by the position is transferred from the farm to the last FP-NFT owner.‌

Settings of current Streaming Farms.


What is the Minerva Wallet‌

The $MIVA SuperToken‌




Let’s co-create a zero-carbon society.

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lab10 collective

Let’s co-create a zero-carbon society.

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