the secret farming project that is gonna change the world (Part 2)

Minerva Streaming Farms: The architecture.‌

For the first iteration of streaming farms, we used an architecture that is custom-made to demonstrate the use case and experiment with integrations, while also rewarding our dear community members with $MIVA.

LP-Token Farm Architecture, e.g. MIVA:WXDAI with MIVA reward stream

…down the rabbit hole.‌

There exists a farm contract for every incentivized LP-token. E.g. the streaming farm contract for the MIVA-WXDAI pair is deployed at 0xa2eac044fe1e004cAaC4E8C4164a39F4Cc522b6f. Each streaming farm is configured to accept a specific LP-token. The MIVA-WXDAI streaming farm thus accepts the MIVA-WXDAI LP token, which has the token address 0x19b8eB5FfC078A0b50274c08d955900BD0007E32.‌

  • Transfer the given amount of LP-tokens from the staker to the streaming farm contract (in this case the amount is 800 tokens).
  • Determine the reference value of the stake denominated in MIVA: <reference value> = <stake LP amount> * <current amount of MIVA in the liquidity pool> / <current total supply of lp tokens>This is, in essence, the same formula as used by the Uniswap V2 protocol to determine the price of assets (source).
  • Mint a farm position NFT (FP-NFT) representing the position to the staker with the following immutable data associated:
  • Amount of LP-tokens staked;
  • Reference value;
  • Creation timestamp;
  • Open a reward stream to the staker, a.k.a. initial FP-NFT owner, with an initial flowrate corresponding to the Level 1 rewards (<reference value> * <reward coefficient>).‌
  • The reward stream stops;
  • The FP-NFT is burned;
  • The amount of LP-tokens deposited by the initial staker and represented by the position is transferred from the farm to the last FP-NFT owner.‌

Settings of current Streaming Farms.

In order to guarantee a minimum runtime of the streams, despite the limited budget for overall rewards to be distributed, each farm has a limit to the aggregated flowrate. This limit is enforced by not allowing new staking positions to be created, which may result in the limit to be exceeded down the line (at any reward level).‌


Due to the overwhelming success of streaming farms, we’ve started working on a more general version of them. It’s more of a protocol to be developed, which enables everyone to generate their own streaming farms. So, think of it as the first version of a decentralized securities generator, with full on-chain data and graphics.‌

What is the Minerva Wallet‌

Minerva is a digital wallet for moneys and self-sovereign identities. It allows you to maintain full control over your funds, credentials and data. Supporting a variety of networks and comporting a very stress-free and user-friendly interface, it aims to lift commons to eye level with all companies. Right now, we are eagerly improving our services bit by bit and moving ahead with each passing day.

The $MIVA SuperToken‌

The $MIVA SuperToken is a streamable utility token, the first of its kind, which breaks grounds for innovation and originality. Providing a wide range of benefits for Minerva Wallet users, its distribution relies heavily on user engagement and participation, nurturing a truly organic growth of the community.



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