MIVA Auction marks the beginning of our 2,500,000 MIVA Airstream and 25,000 USD MIVA Lottery

  • The MIVA Auction paired with the very yearned for #2 Airstream.
  • The new MIVA Lottery as an alternative to the above.
  • All successful bidders at the MIVA Auction get to receive the #2 Airstream. (that means double auction action!)
  • #2 Airstream goes up to a staggering amount of 2.5 MILLION MIVA. (mamma mia!)
  • That rounds up to something close to 500,000 USD. (!!!)
  • MIVA Auction planned for May 11th, more info coming on May 4th. (safely awaiting behind a big dazzling red curtain)
  • MIVA Lottery shakes the scene with a total amount of 25,000 USD. (oh yeah baby, we checked the zeros!)
  • Lottery open to anyone that couldn’t hop in the Auction + Airsteam combo.
  • EASY to participate. So easy you’ll read it twice to make sure we’re not joking. (we’re not joking, just to be perfectly clear)
  • PAYOUT: 250 MIVA per day over 50 days to all 10 winners, planned start on 20th May. (so why haven’t you started to read it all yet?)
  • Considering the current price of approx. 0.2 USD on Honeyswap, that means something around 500,000 USD (!!!).
  • More details of the MIVA Auction will come on May 4th (keep yourself updated).
  • MIVA Auction is planned to start on May 11th.
  • If you fancy to get some MIVA, you should have some xDai ready (we have that cool little article describing 7 ways to get some xDai).‌
  • Winners will be contacted via the Minerva Wallet Twitter, Telegram and Discord.
  • BIG Payout: 250 MIVA per day streamed to the winner’s accounts over 50 days, planned to start on May 20th.
Example from the first Airstreaming and we expect in a similar way this time.
  • Provide your xDai Address on that same tweet.
  • Like or retweet (or both) every Tweet from the Minerva Wallet account from May 1st until the end of the MIVA auction, likely on May 16th (average 1–3 tweets per day).
  • Have a valid Twitter account by the time the winners are randomly picked (right after the MIVA Auction ends).‌



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